Bean and gone in 2 minutes flat …

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Pre-roasted coffee beans

... before the roasting ...

This post is by no means a shameless plug but … having had multiple mini ‘epiphanies of the bleedingly obvious’ like I did on my recent visit to see my good friend at Pumphrey’s Coffee, Blaydon, Tyne & Wear, then I certainly think Stuart deserves a shout-out for his forthcoming Barista Training Class (details below) at the afore mentioned Pumphrey’s Coffee, Blaydon, Tyne & Wear!

Now for the sake of keeping this post short, the most prominent ‘bleedingly obvious’ that transpired was this:

“Within 2 minutes of grinding a coffee bean up to 80% of the subtleties and character of that bean are lost.”

That’s 80% of the beauty of the bean lost, nada, gone and never to return!! So no amount of almond syrup, steamed skinny milk, extra shots yadah yadah yadah are going to resurrect those flavours. All the majesty imparted in the growing, roasting, and preparation of those seductive little beans is ruined in 2 minutes flat! This is not to say that within that window of opportunity, an inexperienced barista can’t turn you off the notion of coffee drinking for life (just look at the impact one of our starry-eyed high street coffee houses has had on a generation of caffeine thrill seekers).

Without getting sentimental or overbearing with this coffee bean revelation, I just think it’s a beautifully simplistic notion that transfers to every facet of food.

If we don’t try to capitalise upon the true character a particular food possesses and we continue to under appreciate the full potential, and essentially the optimum way to prepare fresh ingredients then we are doomed to walk naively past subtleties and taste sensations forever more.

Heavy I know but true …


The unashamed plug …

Stuart will be holding a half-day Barista Training course at the Pumphrey’s Coffee Roasting Rooms on Monday 29th September 1pm – 5pm.

I cannot recommend this highly enough and it’s a snip at £70.50!

For more details contact the Pumphrey’s team on:
0191 4144510


2 responses to “Bean and gone in 2 minutes flat …

  1. It was an absolute pleasure having you Tom.

    I hope it gave you and your readers a little bit of an insight into coffee and it’s as yet undiscovered by most, finer subtleties. People, especially foodies, seem to understand why we grind pepper freshly but don’t seem to apply the same theory to coffee. Hopefully I managed to portray that to you, albeit in a longwinded caffeinated manner.

    Pop back in when your next up and I’ll teach you some latte art.

    Love the blog (the mushroom pasty looks divine by the way)


  2. Check my post on the South Bank food festival for an account of the biggest coffee geeks in Britain…the guys that run Café Vergnano 1882!
    Their fervour is practically religious.

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